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2001Physician Participation in Executions: Time To Eliminate Anonymity Provisions and Protest the PracticeLinda Emanuel and Leigh BienenAnnals of Internal MedicineVolume 135, No. 10, pp. 922-924In this issue, Farber and colleagues have provided dramatic findings that warrant the attention of the profession. In their study, a large minority of physicians reported willingness to be personally involved in executions for capital cases. This image of a white-coated symbol of care working with or as the black-hooded executioner is in striking contrast to established physi- cian ethics, which bar physicians from involvement with executions
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1988No Savings In Lives or Money With Death PenaltyLeigh BienenThe New York TimesAug 7, 1988The death penalty is a fraud upon the public. The taxpayers are being sold a bill of goods. Both a simple and a complex analysis of the costs and benefits of the death penalty, and of the logic behind re-enactment, indicate that the policy accomplishes nothing its proponents claim, and its cost is exorbitant.
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1987Of Race, Crime and PunishmentLeigh BienenThe New York TimesJun 21, 1987The United States Supreme Court has declared that it is unpersuaded by statistical evidence indicating that the capital-case processing system in Georgia may be significantly affected by race, in particular by whether or not the victim is white.
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