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1999What We Write about When We Write about the Death Penalty—A Review of Recent Books and Literature on Capital PunishmentLeigh B. BienenJournal of Criminal Law and CriminologyVol. 89, No. 2, pp. 751-770These new books focusing on capital punishment issues come at a time when if there is not renewed interest in the death penalty, there is at least some surprise, among advocates, academics, and toilers in the criminal justice system, that we find ourselves where we are at the end of the millennium.
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1988The Arbitrariness of the Death PenaltyLeigh B. BienenJournal of Criminal Law and Criminology1988, Volume 79, Issue 1, Article 6The Arbitrariness of the Death Penalty was published a few months before the United States Supreme Court handed down McCleskey v. Kemp, the case challenging the imposition of capital punishment in Georgia on the basis of a comprehensive statistical study conducted by Professor David Baldus and his colleagues at The State University of Iowa.
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1984The Law as Storyteller: The Return of Martin Guerre by Natalie Zemon DavisLeigh Buchanan BienenHarvard Law ReviewVolume 98, No. 2, pp. 494-502Criminal cases are especially rich in drama and narrative. They present stories raising fundamental questions of life and liberty. In 'The Return of Martin Guerre', Professor Natalie Zemon Davis recounts one such story, a sixteenth century tale that never would have been preserved had not the law assumed the role of storyteller.
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1959Review of John Updike's Debut Novel, The Poorhouse FairLeigh M. BuchananCornell's EPOCH Magazine1959, Volume 9, Issue 4, SpringA review of John Updike's debut novel, The Poorhouse Fair
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