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Title:Rape IV A State-by-State Chart of the Sex Offense Statutes
: Leigh Bienen
Publisher: Women’s Rights Law Reporter
Issue: Volume 6, No. 3, Special Supplement
Description: A State-by-State Chart of Sex Offense Statutes

*Leigh Bienen is Director of the Special Projects Section of the New Jersey Department of the Public Advocate. Research for this Article was partially sup- ported by the New Jersey State Law Enforcement and Planning Agency, Special Projects Grant No. A-C:10-16- 78 (July 1, 1978-October 11, 1979) and Grant No. A-C:10-18-79 (October 12, 1979-November 28, 1980). Some of the material in this Article is drawn from H. FEILD & L. BIENEN, JURORS AND RAPE: A STUDY IN PSYCHOLOGY AND LAW (Lexington Books, D.C. Heath & Co.; Copyright 1980, D.C. Heath & Co.).



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