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Title: The Record Keepers
: Leigh Buchanan Bienen
Publisher: TriQuarterly
Issue: Issue 124, Intro, pp. 9-44
Description: Introductory essay to a group of papers presented at a conference based on the Chicago Historical Homicide Project database.

I would not be here, now, sweating in the August humidity of 2005 writing this, with an ink pen on a yellow legal pad, had l not tread on an otherwise ordinary sunny Wednesday morning in August of 1998, an account in the Chicago Tribune describing the restoration of an extraordinary set of books, a systematic record of homicide cases kept by the Chicago police, uniformly and without interruption over a period of sixty years, from 1870-1930…

In addition to the article, Leigh acted as Guest Editor for Issue 124, which included the following essays:



TriQuarterly 124: The Violence


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