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Title: Art and the Art of Teaching
: Leigh Buchanan Bienen
Publisher: TriQuarterly
Issue: Issue 134, pp. 7-28
Description: Chicago is in the middle of a theatrical renaissance, with a large diverse community of actors, playwrights, designers and directors living here and making a living here. The simultaneous presence of Steppenwolf Theatre, Lookingglass Theatre, the Goodman Theatre, the Court Theatre, Victory Gardens, Writers’ Theatre, as well as Hypocrites, Greasy Joan, the House Theatre, and many, many others, is living proof of this.

In addition to the article, Leigh acted as Guest Editor for Issue 134, which included the following essays:

  • Leigh Buchanan Bienen: Art and the Art of Teaching
  • Frank Galati: Adapting Kafka on the Shore
  • Martha Lavey: A Note on Frank Galati: Adapting Kafka on the Shore and Steppenwolf Theatre’s New Play Initiative
  • Mary Zimmerman: Adapting Proust: A Moment in the Red Room
  • Paul Edwards: Into the Abyss: Adapting Madame Bovary
  • David Catlin: Curiouser and Curiouser: Reflections from Twenty Years at the Lookingglass (Theatre), or Stealing Borrowing from the Best
  • Anna D. Shapiro: The Discipline of Directing
  • Bruce Norris: On the Utter Uselessness of Theater, and Why We Should All Learn to Relax About It
  • Laura Eason: “Written by __ Adapted from __” Adaptation and the Voice of the Playwright
  • Stuart Dybek: The Terribly Lonely & Deadly Serious Business, or You Will Never Have to Teach Again
  • Jana Harris: Grace, Thoughts on Adapting Excerpts of an Early Social Science Textbook for the Stage
  • Virgil Johnson: Memoirs of an “Iconic Costume Maestro”
  • David KersnarSita Ram: Adapting from Ramayana
  • Jillian Campana: Contemporary Acting in India: Authentic, Exaggeration and Realism Unite
  • Emily Mann: A Seagull in the Hamptons



TriQuarterly 134


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